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Thomastik-Infeld "Ti" Violin String Set, 4/4

Thomastik-Infeld "Ti" Violin String Set, 4/4

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Ti Violin Strings by Thomastik-Infeld

Ti strings work with many different instruments and playing styles but are particularly well-suited for chamber and orchestra musicians

  • Focused sound, highlights true colors of your instrument
  • Comfortable left-hand feeling
  • Excellent bow response
  • Outstanding pitch stability
  • Aluminum wound D TI03 (standard in sets): ideal for dark sounding violins demanding more brilliance.
  • Silver D-string TI03A: works well for players seeking a warmer sound and less bow noise; the diameter of the silver D-string is significantly thinner than the aluminum wound D




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Customer Reviews

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Sounds fantastic. Very neutral strings just like Dominants. but come at a higher tension and offer a more complex, sophisticated colour. Highly recommend.

Only thing the lifespan do not last as long but if you have the budget to change strings more often, this is the go to strings to play.