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Filip Tomov

Expert Luthier

Formerly the leading violinist of The National Ballet of Canada, has worked as a luthier for Remenyi House of Music and Long & McQuade. His magic hands will breathe new life into your instrument and make it sing!

Experience meticulous luthier services tailored to enhance your instrument's performance. We specialize in precise instrument setup, making meticulous adjustments to the bridge, ensuring flawless string installation, soundpost installation, and tailpiece adjustments to achieve the perfect string height and tension. Our skilled team addresses common issues like cracks, open seams, and varnish damage, and we excel in bow hair replacement for optimal tension and responsiveness. With our expertise in precise sound adjustments, we fine-tune your instrument's components to elevate its tonal qualities. Whether you need routine maintenance or custom modifications, our dedicated luthier services, including bridge installation and string installation, are crafted to bring out the best in your cherished instrument.

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Please feel free to contact us for services not listed here and to discuss what repair may be needed in your particular case. We take pride in the quality service and fast processing times that we strive to provide. Even though the exact time needed to repair your instrument may depend on what needs to be done, we will do our best to avoid any unnecessary delays and to return your instrument to you as soon as we can.

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