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Thomastik-Infeld Rondo Violin Strings, 4/4

Thomastik-Infeld Rondo Violin Strings, 4/4

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Rondo Violin Strings NEW

  • Broad dynamic range
  • Deep tonal color
  • Intense focus

Professional players choose the RONDO® set RO100 for its exceptionally deep tonal intensity. Its fast bow response supports a direct character at any dynamic level, while its strong focus makes it sound compact and projective.

The RONDO® set RO100 is appreciated by professional musicians and soloists for its unique tonal intensity and vast dynamic range with a reliable response. These strings tonally enrich old and modern instruments with an intense depth, brilliant contour and sweetness – sound qualities mostly associated with old Italian instruments. Another particular essence of the RO100 set is its impressive and strong focus that adds an inner tonal density to its focal point of sound. The set’s immediate bow response further supports this focus on all dynamic levels at various bowing speeds, bow pressures and contact points. The Rondo set RO100 combines all these attributes to a deep singing sound quality with a beautifully refined and mature vocal character. This leads to a powerful presence, giving the player confidence when projection and volume need to be delivered with ease.

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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic strings. Lot of colour and great response. Able to use a lot more bow at a faster bow speed to get a bigger sound. The tension is on the higher side so it might take some getting used to. Bow might need to be tightened all the way in order to have enough bow tension playing against these higher tensioned strings.