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JT Lamy

JTL Vuillaume Violin Bow, 4/4

JTL Vuillaume Violin Bow, 4/4

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Fine Bows inspired by French Masters

J.T.L fine bows for violin are inspired by some of the most highly-respected archetiers from the French tradition: Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, Dominique Peccatte & Eugene Sartory.

This beautiful range of octagonal bows are haired with premium Stallion tail and feature fully ‘925’ silver mounted frogs cut from fine Ebony.

  • ARCHETIER: Supervised by Master Luthier, Shuzhou, China
  • STICK: Quality Pernambuco
  • FROG: Fully Silver Mounted, Fine Ebony
  • SLIDE: Mother of Pearl
  • FERRULE: Solid Silver
  • TIP: As original Archetier
  • WINDING: ‘925’ Silver lapping
  • GRIP: Leather
  • SCREW: Silver, Ebony, Mother of Pearl
  • EYE: Mother of Pearl (with / without Silver ring)
  • HAIR: Premium Horsetail
  • GUIDE WEIGHT: Violin 63g (variations will occur)

Multi Award-Winning Luthier and bow dealer, Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume was
born into a family of luthiers in 1798 in Mirecourt, France: the later home of
the Thibouville-Lamy company.

In the 1820s Vuillaume started to work with a well-regarded workshop in Paris and just a few years later was making celebrated imitations of old master’s instruments, winning a silver medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1827. Over the following three decades, Vuillaume’s own workshop at 46 Rue Croix de Petits-Champs became extremely influential in Europe, thanks in no small part to his purchase of 144 instruments made by the Italian Masters, 25 of which were Stradivari instruments, and one of which was the now legendary ‘Messiah Stradivarius’. He meticulously studied all these instruments and created remarkable copies of them, which are now celebrated classics in their own right.

Throughout the 19th century, Vuillaume worked with countless bowmakers too, creating many famous and influential pieces stamped ‘Vuillaume à Paris’.

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