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JT Lamy

JTL Dominique Peccatte Violin Bow, 4/4

JTL Dominique Peccatte Violin Bow, 4/4

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Premium bows inspired by Dominique Peccatte

Each of the premium J.T.Lamy bows for Violin, Viola or Cello honour the craft and expertise of the Mirecourt master bow-maker Dominique Peccatte.

J.T.Lamy bow blanks are crafted from the finest Pernambuco tonewood seasoned for over 5 years.

Bow frogs are fully ‘925’ silver mounted and cut from fine Burmese Ebony. The grips are made from high quality leather and wound with ‘925’ Silver wire, and the bow hair is Mongolian horsetail, prized for its thickness and strength.

  • ARCHETIER: Supervised by Master Luthier, Suzhou, China
  • STICK: 5 Year Seasoned Pernambuco
  • FROG: Fully Silver Mounted, Burmese Ebony
  • SLIDE: Mother of Pearl
  • FERRULE: Solid Silver
  • TIP: Peccatte Design
  • WINDING: ‘925’ Silver lapping
  • GRIP: Leather
  • SCREW: Silver, Ebony, Mother of Pearl 
  • EYE: Mother of Pearl
  • HAIR: Mongolian Horsetail
  • GUIDE WEIGHT: Violin 60g (variations will occur)



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