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John Pearse

John Pearse 510L Phosphor Bronze & Silk Wound Acoustic Guitar String Set, Light

John Pearse 510L Phosphor Bronze & Silk Wound Acoustic Guitar String Set, Light

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Silvered steel core, phosphor bronze and silk wound strings for acoustic guitar. 

Light gauge: .011, .014, .023W, .029W, .039W, .049W

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Customer Reviews

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John Pearse 510 L strings

I found these strings for acoustic guitar to be very excellent strings they are great and very bright strings
the reason i like them is because these are size 11 and come in light tension usually they come in medium light but i found that Strings Bows and more have them in most of stores if u find these strings they dont have as much selections of them as Strings Bows and More there u could practically find any tension and size u want they specialize in having great strings that u wont be able to find anywere else these are my second preferred strings when i can get thomasick-infield spectrums thank u Salvatore

Fantastic string - Exactly as JP advertises

Really awesome string, worth every penny! Noticeably lower tension than a normal set of 11's, makes for very easy playing which was what I was mainly looking for. They also added tons of responsiveness at lower volume levels, for some reason these strings really get the guitars top vibrating. Really had to pound on the old strings to get the guitar into the 'sweet zone', now it just sounds sweet at all levels. On top of all that they really do get 'more' out of the guitar. I feel like I can hear more overtones and just a generally more appealing tone to my ears. These were put on a vintage Gibson that I was thinking of selling because I wasn't happy with the tone, now there is no way it's leaving me!