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GEWA Cello Humidifier - NEW

GEWA Cello Humidifier - NEW

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GEWA humidifiers are made of the best materials and are therefore a reliable aid to protect your instrument from damage caused by excessively dry air. If the humidity falls below 40%, there is a considerable risk of cracks in the top and occasionally also in the back and sides. The air from heating in the winder months is usually dry and poses the greatest danger. In order to be able to estimate the prevailing air humidity well, please use a hygrometer.

Due to easy handling and quick use, the GEWA humidifier will help you to create the perfect humidity for your instrument (40-65%).

1. Immerse the GEWA humidifier completely in water
2. Squeeze it out like a sponge so that no more drops of water come out
3. Now carefully wipe the hose dry with a cloth
4. Finally push the humidifier through the F-hole of your instrument and anchor it in the lower part of the F-hole.



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Dampit Cello Humidifier

This simple device is highly recommended for any string instrument, It is too dry inside a house, especially in the winter. Home heating can permanently damage a wooden instrument by causing cracks and separations. The Dampit humidifier prevents this by slowly releasing the right amount of moisture into the instrument body.
It is extremely easy to use. Follow the instructions - it only takes a minute, that's it. You can even leave it in while playing, it does not affect the instrument sound. The rubber washer included in the package prevents the Dampit from falling into the instrument. I have also noticed that the cello maintains its tuning better during storage since I started using the Dampit.