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Alhambra 5P Classical Guitar - 4/4

Alhambra 5P Classical Guitar - 4/4

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A proper guitar to play many musical styles, comfortable with good sound and responsive.


The 5 P model of Alhambra guitars is a step closer to the model 4 P. The construction of the body is modified to give greater robustness and maintains characteristics details such as the four layers of varnish, the fingerboard with ebony wood, better quality machine heads and the use of a beautiful Indian Rosewood for sides and back.
A set of features that make the 5P model a suitable guitar to interpret a multitude of musical styles, comfortable, with good sound and responsive.

Balanced sound - Responsive

For the elaboration of the body of the 5 P model together with the top which is the most influential element in the guitar sound, a design has been used which consists of seven bars, two of them in the lower part.
This detail elaboration helps to get a more resistant and lighter instrument as well as improving the sound, giving it more shape, warmth, and richness.
For the saddle and nut, melamine has been used, a material which highly transmitting sound.
A sound which could be described as more defined, melodious and with a constant tone throughout the fingerboard. An example of this is the sound quality of the first three strings on the 12th fret.

Good benefits

The classic guitar Alhambra 5 P model is an instrument with very interesting features and that is included in the "Conservatory Line", a balanced instrument with qualities to interpret different musical styles.
A guitar with careful design and elaboration, especially in regards to the action of the strings, to get a very comfortable instrument, but at the same time with a sweet and powerful sound.

TOP: Solid German spruce
SIDES & BACK: Indian Rosewood
NECK: Mahogany Reinforced with Ebony 
SIZES: 4/4







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