Choosing Your First Violin

Among all musical instruments, Violin is the most challenging one. The path to the goal is long and thorny, exciting on the one hand and full of disappointments on the other. Success depends on many factors. We will name the most important ones.

1. An ear for music, an innate sense of rhythm, manual dexterity - all of these are undoubtedly very important, but neither you nor anyone else would be able to determine the level of your natural abilities until you learn how to play. Love for music and a passionate desire to learn how to make beautiful music - that is the true sign. If you have those qualities - go for it! Just be ready to dedicate a considerable part of your life to music. 

2. It is hard to master a complex instrument such as the Violin without a teacher, who will help you to choose the right path and develop the correct playing technique, making sure you don't get bad habits. 

3. Your instrument should be of good quality. Don't look for the cheapest possible violin, because it is very likely that you can get something unusable. A beginner has no idea how high the bridge should be, or how the fingerboard has to be shaped, or how much the bow stick should be curved, or where the sound post should be placed. He or she, probably, doesn't even know what the sound post is. An instrument, properly fitted, in a good shape, and able to produce pleasant sound is an essential prerequisite for a beginner.


 All Beginner Level Violins sold in our store meet the highest standard and is ready to play on. We'll look at some of them here.

Stentor Student Standard Violin Outfit

Stentor Student Standard Violin is made by the British company Stentor. The outfit comes with an attractive, lightweight case with brown integral cover and a good student wood bow. The violin is made from carved solid tonewoods, with inlaid purfling, and blackened hardwood pegs and fingerboard. It is fitted with a textured plastic tailpiece with integral adjusters for easy tuning. It offers amazing value and should not be confused with low quality pressed timber instruments that have a short usable life. Fitted with Super-Sensitive Red Label strings. This instrument is available in any size and its smaller versions (1/8, 1/4 and 1/2) are especially good. They are bright in sound and very responsive, which makes them attractive for younger learners.


Stentor Student I Violin Outfit

The Stentor Student I is the ideal entry-level student Violin outfit for students up to middle grades. This is an instrument that offers reliable, consistent performance and good tone, enhancing the learning process for the student. Each instrument is carved from solid tonewoods, with inlaid purfling, and good quality rosewood or vene pegs and fingerboard. It is fitted with a good quality bridge and tailpiece with integral adjusters. The outfit includes a reliable wood bow and well-designed, lightweight case with fitted interior, external shoulder rest pocket and music pocket, bow holders, as well as carrying straps. Fitted with Super-Sensitive Red Label strings.


Next three violins come from Sinoman workshop in Toronto. All three are perfectly fitted with ebony fingerboard and ebony or Jujube pegs and a Guarneri-style chinrest. 

Primo Prelude PN-20 Violin

 Primo Prelude PN-20 is an entry level Violin outfit. Made from seasoned Spruce and Maple with Ebony fittings. Strung with D'Addario Ascente or ForTune strings. Come with composite tailpiece with built-in fine tuners.

Package includes: Primo 5101 Bow, a dart shape foam case and a rosin.



Primo Prelude PN-30 Violin

Primo Prelude PN-30 is an upgraded version of PN-20 model. It is designed for students of beginner or intermediate level and features a richer tone. It is fitted with beautiful Jujube pegs and chinrest.

The outfit includes: Primo 5101 Bowa foam case and a rosin.




Primo Prelude PN-35 Violin

Primo Prelude PN-35, the most advanced model in the PN series, is made from carefully selected spruce and maple and fitted with ebony fingerboard, pegs, and chinrest. The violin is finished with reddish-brownish gloss spirit varnish with a subtle tint of antique. The violin provides beautiful sound, rich with overtones, and even on all 4 strings and in all positions. 

Primo 5101 Bowa foam case and a rosin are included in the outfit.

More Beginner Level Violins can be found on our website.

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