A Guide to Violin Cases

Just a few decades ago, the choice of violin cases and other bowed instruments was, frankly, very small. Several models, very similar to each other, and that's it. All violin cases were made of wood covered with imitation leather, some, more expensive, with genuine leather. They were mostly shaped cases, with very little space inside. There was no room even for a shoulder rest. By the way, this was not required until the middle of the 20th century, when the shoulder rest was invented. Now the market for musical instrument accessories offers a huge selection of cases. For almost every taste and budget. In this article, we will introduce you to the main models.


Foam Cases

Foam is the most popular material for Violin or Viola cases of lower price range. They are either dart-shaped or oblong. Cases made of foam only are never shaped, that is, repeating the shape of the instrument, because this requires a material from which a thin sheet can be made, which is impossible in the case of foam. Although foam cases are comparatively inexpensive, they are not bad at all. And the main advantage is their weight. They weigh next to nothing, making them the most suitable for children and for those who don't drive. Foam cases, being softer than other cases, provide high level of protection because they absorb the shock.

STENTOR STANDARD Student Dart Shape Violin Case

Dart shaped, lightweight foam construction, brown cordura cover, small exterior music pocket, with two straps
Available in sizes: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4 

GEWA PURE Sport-style Dart-Shape Violin Case, 4/4

Grey Dart Shaped Violin Case
Sporty, light-weight foam shell dart case.

Foam shell
Sporty, grey canvas cover with pocket and burgundy accent
Comfortable, soft handle with Velcro clasp
Light grey velvet interior

GEWA Pure Oblong Blue Violin Case, 4/4

Blue oblong violin case

Polystyrene foam shell
Screw attached cover with music sheet pocket
Padded back and sides, suspension system
2 detachable backpack straps
Exterior Tex Navy
Interior dark blue
Weight: 1.8kg


Foam Cases with wooden frame (reinforced foam)

This kind of case is just a little heavier than fully foam case, but still very light because the wooden part is not massive: it is only a side frame which makes the case stronger. They might be shaped and look quite elegant.


GEWA Strato Super Light Shaped Violin Case

Opened violin case

Made in Germany with a wood frame reinforced polyfoam shell for an exceptionally light weight, yet strong, case.

Hard shell wooden (plywood) cases

Wooden cases are considerably heavier than foam cases, but they are the most reliable. They can be of different shape and they are normally covered with waterproof material. Cases made by Eastman are probably superior to all others in their quality. They are incredibly reliable and very comfortable.

Eastman 075 Dart Shape Violin Case

Open violin case

Plywood shell
Black canvas cover with full pocket
Velour interior (burgundy)

Eastman Hill-Style Oblong Violin Case

Velvet interior with detachable lined blanket
Suspension, large accessory pocket and 4 bow holders
Black canvas cover with full music pocket, backpack, and subway handle.
Approximate weight: 2.5kg/5.5 lbs. (4/4)


Carbon fiber cases

The three-age system is the periodization of human prehistory into three periods: the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age. It looks that we are entering the Glass Age now. Carbon as a material is getting more and more popular. Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers (CFRP) are used everywhere: aerospace, automotive and civic engineering, sport goods production, musical instruments. Many carbon bows show excellent playing qualities. Musical instrument cases made from carbon are strong, light and beautiful. This material allows manufacturer to make a case of practically any shape and color.

GEWA AIR 1.7 Shaped Violin Case

Special thermoplastic shell
Extremely high break resistance
Padded, adjustable suspension system

GEWA Air 2.1 Oblong Violin Case

Red carbon violin case

Special thermoplastic shell with extremely high break resistance                    Padded, adjustable suspension system
Approximate weight: 2.3 kg(s) / 5.06 lb(s)
Look at this cello case and see how beautiful a carbon fiber can be!

GEWA Air 3.9 Cello Case, 4/4-3/4

Colored Carbon Fiber Cello Cases

This is a revolutionary new cello case, designed and made in Germany with very special materials and processes. Adjustable to securely and easily fit cellos from 4/4 down to 3/4 size. Accommodates cellos with a width of 18” lower bout and 14” upper bout.
JAN VOLGER uses a GEWA Air cello case.


Plastic cases

The word plastic sounds kind of "cheap" for today's ear. However, plastic is not "cheap" material at all. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) or thermoplastic is actively used in the production of aircrafts, cars, water pipes and... cases for musical instruments. And here the unsurpassed leader is the French company BAM.

BAM Cases

BAM is the world champion in making cases for musical instruments. If you want to have the best case, buy BAM. Admiring glances of passers-by are guaranteed. The cases of this manufacturer combine the best possible qualities: reliability, light weight, variety of models, originality, style!


BAM Hightech Oblong Violin Case - with pocket

BAM "Ice Supreme" Hightech Oblong Violin Case


BAM "Classic" Violin Case


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